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Markaz Darul Hadith Learning Centre 

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Darul Hadith Learning Centre works to foster the development and growth of quality education in an Islaamic environment primarily by enhancing the quality of Islaamic education that is delivered to your child. 
We drive to deliver the message of the oneness of Allaah 'azzawajjal and believe that this begins with the young generation.

We believe that these goals can be reached through

  • Academic excellence 

  • Pro active community excellence 

  • Upstanding citizenship and proper Islaamic conduct 

We strongly uphold our main teaching principle which is, "every child is unique". This is embedded into our styles of teaching and every child is encouraged to be a self directed thinker and learner which develops the child's confidence and ability to learn more quickly. 


All praise is for Allaah; the Learning centre will Quranic recitation and Islamic Studies Lessons if Allaah wills. The courses will be delivered to a highly professional level and strict guidelines will be adhered to by the teaching staff. The teaching staff will also use monitoring and assessment strategies in order to assess your child's development and levels of understanding. 

The principle language used to teach Qur'aan is Arabic; however we do use the English language as a medium. 


It is a primary duty and an act of worship, if done in the right way, to acquire sound Islaamic knowledge. We strongly encourage you, as parents, not to deprive your child of this basic right your child has over you. 

Plant the seeds of your child's Tarbiyyah now, and reap the fruits of your efforts in the Aakhirah.

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